20 Scariest Moments From Non-Horror Games

Somewhat later into the Spec Ops marketing campaign, you’ll have the prospect to make use of a distant terminal to remove a big group of hostile forces with mortar strikes. It’s a really Call of Duty-esque sequence that offers you a quick rush of satisfaction as you remove an amazing drive. Soon, although, you survey the ruins of the assault and study the horrible reality. Not solely did that chemical weapon you so gleefully rained down upon your enemies trigger them to die a brutal dying (not less than these lucky sufficient to not nonetheless be alive), however you additionally murdered a bunch of close by civilians who nonetheless put on the phobia of their closing moments on their charred faces. Though Spec Ops usually conveys the horrors of struggle, no second hits fairly as laborious as this one. 

7. Ocean House Hotel – Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Despite what its identify might lead you to consider, Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines isn’t actually a horror sport. It makes use of many horror style ideas, however the overwhelming majority of the sport doesn’t exist to scare you. Hell, as a vampire on this sport’s world, you’re usually the factor that individuals are alleged to be fearful of.

However, that complete dynamic is upended while you enter Ocean House Hotel. Modeled after the easiest amusement park-style haunted homes, Ocean House Hotel is filled with the supernatural fights that you simply’d sooner look forward to finding in a movie like Poltergeist than a sport like this. Yet, Ocean House is a lot greater than a set of all-too-effective bounce scares. Strange sounds usually break the haunting silence in usually surprising locations, and there’s a disturbing story behind this location that awaits to “amuse” anybody who’s daring sufficient to hunt it out. 

Though a couple of video games on this record supply temporary detours into the horror style that stand in distinction with the remainder of the expertise, it’s the way in which this second performs off of the “immersive” sim qualities of the title with out completely abandoning them that makes it particular. 

The Night Folk - Red Dead Redemption 2

6. The Night Folk – Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar likes to make you suppose that you simply’re going to come across one thing terrifying in considered one of their video games (simply check out the city legends in regards to the forest space of GTA: San Andreas), however they hardly ever truly put something genuinely terrifying of their open worlds. Well, Red Dead Redemption 2 truly breaks that “rule” a number of occasions by forcing you to confront among the most terrifying moments in any Rockstar sport. Yet, none of these moments evaluate to the reveal of the Night Folk. 

You can truly encounter the Night Folk in a number of other ways in RDR 2, however all of them happen within the bayou: an already terrifying swamp space that resembles these ominous, however in the end harmless, areas Rockstar likes to put of their video games. While touring by means of these uninviting lands, chances are you’ll encounter a crying girl in white or nearly run right into a lifeless horse in the midst of the highway. Many of those encounters are traps set by a bunch of psychotic, largely silent, probably cannibalistic figures recognized solely because the Night Folk. 

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