As a panel of consultants advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention discusses a handful of rare blood clots that well being officers have investigated in Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine recipients, a central thriller looms: How may a vaccine that has been given to nearly eight million individuals cause the facet impact in simply a few of them?

There’s no clear reply but, however Dr. Andreas Greinacher, a researcher at University Medicine Greifswald in Germany is main one effort to search out out. At a information convention on Tuesday, he stated that he had reached an settlement with Johnson & Johnson to examine the elements of the vaccine to see if it could actually disrupt the regular blood clotting course of underneath sure rare circumstances.

“We just agreed that we would like to work together,” he stated.

It’s attainable, Dr. Greinacher stated, that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can cause rare unwanted effects by the similar course of that he suspects is answerable for related unwanted effects from the AstraZeneca vaccine. The major ingredient in each vaccines are innocent viruses referred to as adenoviruses, which slip into human cells and ship a coronavirus gene that can later set off an immune response.

On Tuesday, Dr. Greinacher and his colleagues launched a report on how the AstraZeneca vaccines may set off the facet impact. The study has not but been revealed in a scientific journal.

The scientists discovered that elements in the AstraZeneca vaccine can stick with a protein that platelets launch throughout the formation of blood clots. These clumps of molecules might be seen by the physique as overseas invaders, the scientists speculated, triggering a cascade of reactions that cause platelets to show into harmful clots.

Dr. Paul A. Offit, a vaccine skilled at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia who was not concerned in the study, discovered Dr. Greinacher’s study intriguing however removed from the last phrase. “He throws out a lot of possibilities,” he stated.

Dr. Offit stated it was not clear which of the many elements the researchers studied may clarify the rare blood clots in individuals vaccinated with AstraZeneca’s doses. “It’s like sipping from a fire hose,” he stated.

At a information convention on Tuesday, Dr. Greinacher stated that the analysis may level to methods, in the AstraZeneca vaccine, of decreasing the danger of the clots or of treating the unwanted effects. But he emphasised that the small danger of these unwanted effects was strongly outweighed by the safety that vaccines corresponding to AstraZeneca present in opposition to Covid-19.

“Not being vaccinated is far more dangerous than being vaccinated and at risk for this adverse drug reaction,” he stated.

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