AI could help terrorists build bioweapons, Sunak warns

Artificial intelligence will pose main safety dangers to the UK inside two years, new evaluation by Rishi Sunak’s authorities has warned.

AI has the potential to “enhance” terrorist capabilities – together with propaganda, bioweapons and assault planning, in line with a report launched because the PM made a significant speech on the “breathtaking” tempo of change.

The official report by the Government Office for Science additionally warned that by 2025 AI is anticipated to extend the frequency and class of cyber-attacks, scams, fraud and different crimes.

Speaking on the Royal Society on Thursday morning, Mr Sunak mentioned the modifications introduced by AI could be as “far-reaching” as the commercial revolution or the arrival electrical energy and the web.

The PM mentioned he agreed with consultants who consider the extinction risk from AI needs to be handled like the specter of pandemics and nuclear conflict, as he known as for a worldwide professional panel to handle the problem.

Mr Sunak additionally claimed that the UK was doing “far more than any other country to keep you safe”, as he introduced that the federal government will set up the world’s first AI institute within the UK.

Mr Sunak instructed a press convention that AI would carry “the chance to solve problems we once thought beyond us – but it also brings new dangers and new fears”.

Quoting an announcement made by a whole bunch of AI consultants earlier this yr, Mr Sunak mentioned: “Mitigating the risk of extinction by AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

On the main dangers forward, the PM mentioned: “Get this wrong and AI could make it easier to build chemical or biological weapons. Terrorist groups could use AI to spread fear and destruction on an even greater scale.”

Rishi Sunak delivers a speech on AI on the Royal Society


He added: “Criminals could exploit AI for cyber attacks, fraud or even child sexual abuse … there is even the risk humanity could lose control of AI completely through the kind of AI sometimes referred to as super-intelligence.”

Mr Sunak mentioned he didn’t need to be “alarmist” and highlighted the advantages AI could carry – praising its potential use within the NHS to diagnose and stop strokes and coronary heart assaults, as he introduced an additional £100m for AI remedies for beforehand incurable illnesses.

The PM additionally confirmed that he had invited China to his international AI summit at Bletchley Park subsequent week – arguing that was “the right thing to do” as a result of the world’s main AI powers ought to talk about the threats and alternatives.

The Tory chief mentioned it was “not an easy decision” to ask Chinese officers – and admitted that he could not say with 100 per cent certainty that they are going to flip up.

Deputy PM Oliver Dowden mentioned China had accepted an invite. The determination to ask Beijing has brought about controversy in some quarters, together with amongst Tory MPs, at a time when relations stay tense.

Mr Dowden mentioned the federal government did nonetheless count on Chinese officers to attend the essential summit. He instructed BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “It is the case that they have accepted but … It is the case that you wait and see who actually turns up at these events. We do expect them to come.”

Official UK report warns of cyber and terrorism risk posed by AI


The new UK authorities report warns that AI is more likely to make cyber-attacks, quicker, simpler and bigger scale. This will occur by way of extra tailor-made phishing strategies or by replicating malware. Another threat is what’s termed the “erosion of trust in information”.

“Deepfakes”, the place pretend movies are created utilizing somebody’s likeness and what are termed “hyper-realistic bots”, a type of pretend social media profile threat “creating fake news, personalised disinformation, manipulating financial markets and undermining the criminal justice system”, the report warns.

“By 2026 synthetic media could comprise a large proportion of online content, and risks eroding public trust in government, while increasing polarisation and extremism,” it provides.

The Government Office for Science paperwork, collated utilizing sources together with UK intelligence, even says a wider risk to the way forward for humanity from AI can’t be dominated out.

One warns: “There is insufficient evidence to rule out that highly capable future frontier AI systems, if misaligned or inadequately controlled, could pose an existential threat.”

It additionally warns that AI could disrupt the labour market by displacing human staff. It suggests a so-called “robot tax” – a levy on companies making the most of the substitute of staff by AI – may be wanted to guard the financial system.

In phrases of capabilities, the federal government’s paper notes that frontier AI can already carry out “many economically useful tasks” akin to conversing fluently and at size, and getting used as a translation device or to summarise prolonged paperwork and analyse knowledge.

Technology secretary Michelle Donelan mentioned that by publishing the report the UK is the “first country in the world to formally summarise the risks presented by this powerful technology”.

She added that there was “no question that AI can and will transform the world for the better” however she mentioned, “we cannot harness its benefits without also tackling the risks”.

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