Air ambulance spotted ‘hovering’ above Nottingham sports complex

An air ambulance has been seen ‘hovering’ over a Nottingham sports centre. The helicopter was spotted over the Highfields Sports Complex shortly after 11am on Sunday, April 11.

According to witness stories, the helicopter landed in a area close to the doorway. The nature of the incident stays unknown.

The air ambulance was spotted above Beeston at wround 11.10am, in accordance with eye-witnesses on the scene. The helicopter then landed simply after 11.20am.

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The helicopter was spotted over the Highfields Sports Complex

The helicopter stayed on the scene for round 50 minutes. An individual witnessing the scene added: “The ambulance hovered over Highfields Sports Complex at about 10 previous 11.

“It landed in a field near the entrance. Sports equipment was sent flying across the field as it touched down.”

Another air ambulance was seen flying over Gedling on Saturday afternoon, April 15.


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