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Alastair Campbell in angry Newsnight exchange with presenter Victoria Derbyshire over Brexit ‘lies’

Labour’s ex-press secretary Alastair Campbell accused a BBC presenter of permitting Brexiteers to “talk utter rubbish” in an angry exchange on Newsnight.

Mr Campbell was in flip accused of “bullying, intimidation and thinly veiled misogyny” by Alex Phillips, a former Brexit MEP with whom he appeared on the programme on Thursday.

The former spin physician has since apologised to presenter Victoria Derbyshire after the terse exchanges had been shared on-line and considered by greater than 4 million folks.

Alastair Campell and Alex Phillips fought over which aspect instructed worse lies


The fiery debate in regards to the present state of Brexit and its affect on the UK started to interrupt down when the pair rowed over the enactment of EU legal guidelines.

Mr Campbell accused Ms Phillips of “talking such rubbish when you come on these programmes”, to which she replied “that is just unnecessarily rude”. “Well, it’s true,” he retorted.

Ms Phillips went on to argue that the present authorities didn’t have the “courage or the conviction to see Brexit through” and that Rishi Sunak must be “seizing the opportunity to take control”.

Mr Campbell replied: “Will any of these people who fought so hard for Brexit ever face up to their own responsibility and face the fact that what they all promised was a pack of lies.”

Directing his feedback to his opponent, he continued: “All your lies about taking back control, more money for the NHS, sovereignty, immigration, all the rest of it – you fall on every single one.”

The former spin physician accused Brexiteers of “lies”


Ms Phillips replied: “I knew you had been going to return up with the cash for the NHS. Nothing to do with me, not my marketing campaign.

“It’s very wealthy from the person who primarily was a part of telling lies to invade a rustic to accuse me of dishonesty”, referring to the Iraq battle and the notorious dodgy file that made the case for it.

“I think you may have lost the argument there, my dear,” Mr Campbell stated, “if I may patronise you even more.”

As Ms Derbyshire tried to intervene, he instructed her: “I’m sorry, you convey these folks on – you by no means problem them. You allow them to speak utter garbage about Brexit.

“And it has occurred on the BBC for yr after yr after yr.”

Ms Phillips claimed she ‘came off air shaking’

(Alex Phillips)

Bringing the row to a detailed, the presenter stated: “I am not going to take that from you, with respect, Mr Campbell.”

As the digicam panned away, Mr Campbell huffed ‘for god’s sake’ and stretched an arm out onto the desk in entrance of Ms Phillips.

Victoria Derbyshire regarded shocked as Mr Campbell laid into the BBC – he later apologised


Tweeting in regards to the encounter later, Ms Phillips, now an adviser to the Reform Party, claimed she got here off air shaking at Mr Campbell’s “rudeness”.

Ms Phillips described his actions had been “quite frightening” and claimed the hairs on her neck stood up.

Mr Campbell later responded on Twitter: “Accepted it was not exactly disagreeing agreeably but I think every now and then people who are given a free ride to talk absolute nonsense and face no responsibility for their role in damage to the nation are challenged.”

He later tweeted that he had apologised to Ms Derbyshire, including that she was “one of the best”.

“It is infuriating to seek to debate serious issues with people who despite all the damage their beloved Brexit has done continue to talk absolute rubbish,” he added.

Ex-Brexit Party chief Nigel Farage waded into the row on Twitter, branding Mr Campbell “a thug and a bully” and stated he ought to by no means be allowed on the BBC once more.

“Is that why you asked me to co-present a show with you on GBeebies…?” Mr Campbell retorted.

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