Busting Wireless ESD Wrist Straps With LTT And ElectroBOOM

Nobody likes getting zapped from an electrostatic discharge, regardless of whether or not you’re a fragile ASIC or a bag-of-mostly-salty-water humanoid. To forestall this, ESD wrist straps and comparable are important instruments, as they forestall the build-up of a cost in your humanoid’s pores and skin, primarily like a really massive electrolyte-filled capacitor. Yet you should purchase wi-fi ESD straps in all places which can be purported to someway dissipate this cost into the ether, although this would appear to undermine the legal guidelines of physics that make capacitors work.

In a sensible experimentation and diverse hijinks video collaboration by [Linus] from Linus Tech Tips and [Mehdi Sadaghdar] from ElectroBOOM put these wi-fi ESD straps to the take a look at, that includes [Mehdi]’s DIY Van de Graaff generator to cost [Linus] up. What is excellently demonstrated on this video is how efficient an actual ESD strap is, and the way the ‘wireless’ model is only a rip-off that does completely nothing to dissipate the cost, being only a waste of a 1 MOhm resistor and what may have been an actual ESD strap.

Also lined within the video are what the explanation for the resistor in an ESD strap is, and why steel bracelet sort ESD straps are usually not applicable, for excellent causes.

(Thanks to [hackbyte] for the tip)

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