If you’ve got heard Cyberpunk 2077 is a bit of glitchy however have not performed it your self to search out out for certain, this video is de facto the one factor you must catch up. It’s a round-up of the most important Cyberpunk 2077 glitch highlights, and it is a blast to look at whether or not or not you are having fun with the sport. Plus, you have to hand it to Redditor Papar_RZ_2T for the pitch-perfect placement of the “Something feels off here…” “…You don’t say?” trade on the finish.

I complied these goofy gliches footages into a trailer. from r/cyberpunkgame

Night City appears like a terrifying place to reside. Imagine going for a day stroll, trying up and seeing an entire ass automobile screaming towards you from the sky. Or hopping into your automobile within the morning simply earlier than it explodes – speak about a case of the Mondays. There’s additionally a automobile using a automobile, a bike driving proper by a automobile, and of course flying vehicles. Really, vehicles appear to simply do their very own factor in Night City.

Still, I feel essentially the most unsettling glitch is the palm tree that goes from simply casually palm treeing to completely wigging out and rising so quick that it consumes your complete subject of view. And it does not simply develop vertically like a traditional palm tree, it expands in each route and simply takes over the world. That tree is nightmare gasoline.

Cyberpunk 2077’s nightmare tree in its early phases of entropy (Image credit score: CD Projekt Red)

Some Cyberpunk 2077 glitches are hilarious, others are terrifying, and others nonetheless are literally fairly useful, like the one that gives you superhuman speed. Regardless, CD Projekt says it is laborious at work patching out all of the Cyberpunk 2077 glitches, assuring that any related costs are “irrelevant” compared to restoring its reputation, so get pleasure from them whilst you can.

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