In extremely charged scenes on Thursday, the Labour MP Dawn Butler was ejected from the House of Commons after repeatedly refusing to withdraw an accusation that Boris Johnson is a liar.

“The prime minister has lied to this house time and time again,” she informed the deputy speaker, Judith Cummins. When requested to “reflect on her words”, Ms Butler mentioned: “It’s funny that we get in trouble in this place for calling out the lie, rather than the person lying.”

Going on to cite a popular social media video – a set of statements made by Mr Johnson deemed unfaithful, together with his declare that Britain’s Covid vaccination programme had “severed” the link between infections and severe sickness or dying – the Brent Central MP added she was “disappointed the prime minister has not come to the house to correct the record, and to correct the fact that he has lied to this house and the country over and over again”.

“It’s dangerous to lie in the pandemic,” she informed Ms Cummins, who then intervened to twice ask her colleague to withdraw the cost of mendacity.

When Ms Butler refused, although, she was informed to leave the Commons instantly and that she was suspended from enterprise for the remainder of the day.

Why was this allowed to occur?

Rest assured, this isn’t, as some individuals on social media thought final evening, a coverage created by Mr Johnson designed to oust anyone who speaks badly of him. It is definitely a customized of the Commons itself, below guidelines about what is taken into account unparliamentary language.

As defined on the UK Parliament website, such language “breaks the rules of politeness in the House of Commons Chamber” and may lead to a member being requested to withdraw what was mentioned or leave.

In a chamber the place MPs should refer to one another as the “honourable member”, accusations of deliberate deceit and dishonesty are forbidden.

An official glossary of different phrases not permitted by Speakers lately consists of “blackguard”, “coward”, “git”, “guttersnipe”, “hooligan”, “rat” and “stool pigeon”.

What occurs now?

Very little is the quick reply. Parliament closed yesterday for its summer season recess, with ministers and MPs scheduled to return to Westminster on 6 September.

Ms Butler will little question be again in the Commons as regular by then, as she signalled in a tweet after being requested to leave on Thursday.

“I have been thrown out of Parliament for saying what we all know: Boris Johnson has lied to the House of Commons and the country over and over again,” she wrote.

“But I’ve got news for the Tories, I will never stop speaking truth to power!”

A string of left-wing commentators and Labour MPs, together with the occasion’s deputy chief, threw their assist behind Ms Butler after the incident.

“Just to confirm, Boris Johnson is a liar regardless of who calls him a liar or where they call him a liar,” Angela Rayner said on Twitter.

Elsewhere, Scottish Labour’s Monica Lennon retweeted a clip of Ms Butler’s interplay with the deputy speaker – and her subsequent exit.

“Proud of my friend Dawn Butler,” the MSP wrote.

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