EasyJet owner sues band for using name Easy Life | easyJet

The owner of the airline easyJet has launched a authorized motion to power a Leicester band to alter their name, accusing the members of Easy Life of being “brand thieves”.

EasyGroup, which has an extended historical past of suing folks and firms that it believes are cashing in on variations of its household of name names, accused the band of infringing the rights of the net retailer Easylife.

Easylife is an impartial web site that licenses its name from easyGroup for an annual payment. The easyJet owner has no monetary curiosity within the enterprise.

The different indie pop band Easy Life was fashioned by the frontman, Murray Matravers, in 2017 and consists of 5 members.

“With reference to the brand thief Mr Matravers and his fellow band members who have decided to use our brand, easyLife, without permission,” a spokesperson for easyGroup stated, “we have a long established record of legally stopping thieves from using our brands and I am confident we will stop Mr Matravers.”

The band turned to the social media web site X, previously Twitter, to defend themselves, saying that they had “worked hard to establish our brand” and “in no way have we ever affected their business”.

The band stated: “They’re forcing us to change our name or take up a costly legal battle which we could never afford. Although we find the whole situation hilarious, we are virtually powerless against such a massive corporation.”

EasyGroup, which was arrange in 1998 by Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the owner of the simple household of manufacturers, has a bit of its web site known as “brand thieves” devoted to its worldwide authorized battles to guard the corporate’s mental property.

“Some people think they can make a fast buck by stealing our name and our reputation,” it says on the location, which lists authorized victories. “They set up websites and companies using the name ‘easy’ (or phonetic versions of it) which can either pay a passing resemblance to an easyGroup company or be a direct copy.”

In 2018, the corporate took authorized motion in opposition to Netflix over its comedy sequence Easy, claiming its use of the name breached its European logos.

In 2008, the Northampton-based restaurant easyCurry modified its name underneath the specter of authorized motion.

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“Such ‘David and Goliath’ cases are not uncommon as the owners of a registered trademark are often keen to leverage their rights wherever and whenever they can,” stated Mark Caddle, a accomplice and trademark lawyer at Withers & Rogers.

“This is necessary as a result of if, for instance, trademark infringement by a lesser or copycat model is left unchallenged, it could possibly begin to dilute an organization’s model presence in its chosen markets, and this might have a destructive impact on gross sales.

“If they need an ‘easy life’, the band will in all probability discover that arising with a brand new band name is far more beneficial than getting embroiled in courtroom proceedings.”

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