Elder Scrolls just got a Fallout Shelter-style mobile game on Google Play

Bethesda’s subsequent absolutely fledged Elder Scrolls game would possibly nonetheless be five-plus years away from launch, however in case you’re really affected by collection withdrawal signs, the corporate has just unceremoniously shoved a Fallout Shelter-style Elder Scrolls game onto Google Play.

As noticed by IGN, The Elder Scrolls: Castles is now accessible to obtain, tasking gamers with managing their very own, sure, citadel by a regular technique of room-by-room enlargement, whereas additionally coping with the whims of their kingdom – by deciding how to answer their topics’ requests, Reigns-style – on the identical time.

Oh, and there is a questing aspect too, during which gamers might want to create heroes, equipment them out with gear, and ship them into battle towards “classic Elder Scrolls foes” so as to gather sources that’ll are available hand elsewhere.

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“Oversee your subjects as the years come and go, families grow, and new rulers take the throne,” reads The Elder Scrolls: Castles’ official blurb. “Train your subjects, name heirs, and maintain order to help your kingdom flourish. Will you keep your subjects happy and ensure a long life for their ruler? Or will they grow discontent and plot assassination?”

The Elder Scrolls: Castles is presently in early entry based on its Google Play itemizing, however how lengthy which may final is anybody’s guess given the overall paucity of data on the game proper now. Still, if free-to-play dynasty constructing feels like one thing you would possibly get pleasure from, have at.

Questing and a extra hands-on strategy to coping with topics are featured.

Could The Elder Scrolls: Castles be one of many a number of mysterious free-to-play mobile video games listed as being in improvement at Bethesda in final week’s Microsoft leak? Perhaps!

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