Exclusive: Why Hyundai Santa Fe takes a design “risk”

Also the boot opening is extensive. “A [saloon] has a trunk, an SUV has a tailgate space,” Lee explains. “That’s a lifestyle space, rather than cargo-carrying. So having a strong vertical line to emphasise the cargo area as much as possible, in combination with the shut face, it’s one of the widest tailgates. If you think about it, the shutline isn’t the width of the tailgate, because there are cars like the Audi Q7, which has a clamshell, but that doesn’t show you how wide the space is. That’s defined by the sill inside.”

The Santa Fe’s boot opening is nearly 1300mm extensive.

“It’s all about family. Every seat has two full-sized cupholders and every seat has a USB port,” Lee says.

On forecasting what vehicles will appear like 4 or 5 years therefore, when design begins, Lee says: “I don’t know what is going to occur tomorrow, to be sincere. This is why we use huge information to establish traits. We need to forecast the way forward for mainstream traits as carefully as attainable, so we now have a huge information group internally and we use one other externally.

“Both indicated in the direction of the out of doors life-style, notably through the pandemic. Your automobile turns into your non-public protected area. RVs [recreational vehicles] are so well-liked.

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