Final Fantasy 14 Director Wants to Get the Pixel Remasters Running Inside the MMO

The latest releases of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters have finally given a brand new viewers the alternative to play the unique six Final Fantasy video games on trendy consoles. But whereas the video games are at present obtainable on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, Square Enix would actually love to get them engaged on a 3rd platform, and no, I’m not speaking about the Xbox. I’m speaking about Final Fantasy 14.

Speaking at a press convention at Final Fantasy Fan Fest 2023, director and producer Naoki Yoshida (referred to as Yoshi-P) mentioned that he is been for a while in the concept of FF14 gamers having the ability to play the Pixel Remasters both via the Gold Saucer amusement park in sport, or via participant housing.

However, the characteristic has confirmed extraordinarily difficult to implement, due to the Pixel Remasters already operating on “middleware,” successfully a software program program intermediary that lets an working system do one thing it is not usually in a position to do.

“So because it’s running on a middleware, if you want to implement that into 14, you’d have to build another system that can play back the middleware inside the game,” Yoshi-P mentioned, in accordance to a quote picked up by Gamesradar. “So it’s like you’re building a system of a game to play a system of a game and it’s just this weird configuration.”

That mentioned, Yoshi-P remains to be very desirous about the concept, and put out the name for a “super programmer” to step up and assist Square Enix out.

Funnily sufficient, if Square Enix ever did get this characteristic working, it might truly equate to a launch of the Pixel Remasters on Xbox provided that FF14 was introduced for Xbox at Fan Fest this previous weekend, and is deliberate for launch in spring of subsequent 12 months after an open beta interval.

Fan Fest 2023 was a busy one, with loads of bulletins together with the new Dawntrail growth, a tease of future Square Enix x Xbox collaborations to come, a mysterious T-shirt, and an unlucky rebuke of Blitzball followers.

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