Furious Londoners chant ‘GET KHAN OUT’ as Mayor heckled by raging audience members

Furious Londoners started chanting “GET KHAN OUT” at Peoples’ Question Time, hosted by the London Mayor on Wednesday night.

The Mayor was being questioned on transport, crime and different points going through Londoners when the group started demanding he resign.

In an try to cease the chanting, the chair of the occasion Tony Devenish was compelled to threaten to “clear the room”, saying: “This is your final warning”.

One audience member heckled the mayor, shouting: “You should be in a nappy.”

WATCH: Sadiq Khan addresses the London Assembly

The remark got here as Khan tried to handle the price of dwelling disaster – during which Khan talked about individuals being unable to afford nappies.

He was additionally defending his free faculty meals coverage, which noticed the Mayor allocate £135million of emergency funding to the undertaking.

Khan mentioned: “We’ve bought to have insurance policies that assist households which are actually struggling, and we all know half the households in London are nearly getting by, or are actually struggling.

“And that is why free faculty meals are actually serving to.”

The occasion noticed Khan defend controversial insurance policies such as the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez) enlargement throughout London.

He informed the occasion: “More than half of Londoners with bronchial asthma stay in outer London.

“Twenty-four of the 30 GPS with the most important variety of bronchial asthma sufferers are all in outer London.

“Nobody put up with soiled water, we should not put up with soiled air.”

One audience member dismissed Ulez as “appalling”, claiming it was a ploy to “replenish TfL’s finances”.

Others additionally criticised Sadiq Khan with one accusing him of telling “lies” concerning the Ulez enlargement.

In a livid rant directed on the London mayor, one audience member claimed Ulez is “closing” London.

But Khan mentioned he has put in “huge adjustments” to support Londoners with non-compliant cars, including putting “more cash” in direction of the scrappage scheme, which offers monetary help to assist eligible London residents scrap automobiles that do not meet the Ulez emissions requirements.

One audience member mentioned: “I’ve a pal who’s going to see his disabled sister each weekend out of London in his non-compliant automotive. It’s now costing him 1300 kilos per yr to go and see and assist her.

“It’s costing different individuals heaps and plenty of cash as nicely. You say London is open, however your insurance policies are closing it increasingly on daily basis.

“I consider Ulez is definitely replenishing TfL’s finances. I do not consider the lies.”


She added: “So is it actually about earning profits for TfL and Mr Khan – all of the thousands and thousands you are making from poor individuals like me, I’ve an previous automotive.

“What are you going to spend this money on?”

Khan responded: “So in relation to the assist for individuals who’ve bought non-compliant vehicles, we have made progress because the final individuals’s questions which is now each single household in London is eligible for assist by the scrappage scheme.

“Every single enterprise is now eligible for assist. Small companies, each single charity, is now eligible for assist. Those who’re disabled are eligible for a grace interval.

“Those are the big changes we’ve made. We’ve put in more money for the scrappage scheme.”

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