Helldivers 2 Will Grant 50% More XP This Weekend to Combat Reward Payout Issues

Helldivers 2 is proving to be fairly rattling widespread proper now, and we think about it’s going to be seeing loads of exercise this weekend — however developer Arrowhead has simply given followers much more incentive to hop in.

There are nonetheless one or two points taking the shine off the sport, not least of which is a bug stopping gamers from being issued their earned rewards after missions. Of course, Arrowhead is absolutely conscious of this, and whereas it really works on sorting this out with a correct repair, it is giving everybody the possibility to earn extra XP over the subsequent few days:

“We’re aware of a problem that has caused some player rewards to not pay out properly at the end of missions,” the assertion reads. “We are working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, we want to try to alleviate the impact as we head into the weekend. Therefore, from now until the end of this Sunday, February 18th (CET), the game will grant all players XP and Requisition at a 50% multiplier on top of your base mission score.”

So, in the event you’re planning on pushing again the threats to Super Earth supremacy this weekend, you will get an additional 50 per cent XP and Requisition on your troubles. You’ll know you are getting this bonus as a result of you will note a Game Master Effect named ‘Accounting Corrections’ on the hub ship.

Obviously this does not clear up the principle drawback, however it’s a pleasant gesture all the identical. We count on the sport’s points shall be addressed pretty rapidly; it is already had quite a few patches since launch, and the developer appears decided to get every little thing straight.

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