Herpes virus shrinks tumours in people with skin cancer

Doctors have used the herpes virus to assault and shrink the tumours of sufferers with terminal cancer in a pioneering NHS trial.

The new era of therapy, referred to as oncolytic virotherapy, includes injecting tumours with a modified model of the herpes simplex virus, which then multiplies inside cancer cells to kill them and likewise stimulates the immune system to assault cancer elsewhere in the physique.

It has been profitable in sufferers with superior varieties of melanoma, an aggressive skin cancer that impacts 16,700 people every year in the UK, killing 2,300. Last week the Duchess of York stated that she had been recognized with melanoma.

Since the Duchess of York stated that she had melanoma, hundreds of people have visited the NHS web site for recommendation


Lorraine Wilby, 59, noticed her tumours shrink by 60 per cent after receiving the therapy on the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, an

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