Hezbollah moves one of its tents back to Lebanese territory – report

The Hezbollah terrorist motion has moved one of the tents it had positioned in Israeli territory back in Lebanese territory, Israeli media reported Sunday, citing “informed sources.”

Additional tents nonetheless stay in Israeli territory.

About two weeks in the past, it was revealed that up to 10 Hezbollah fighters infiltrated Israel at its northern border and arrange a small armed army place a number of meters into Israeli territory over a month prior.

Since the incident, the IDF has been working with the Foreign Ministry and has been in dialogue with UNIFIL to persuade the small Hezbollah contingent to withdraw – with out the use of drive. An further put up was later arrange within the space by Hezbollah.

A UN peacekeeper makes use of binoculars to monitor the Shebaa Farms space, wedged between Lebanon and the Golan Heights August 23, 2008. (credit score: Alistair Lyon/Reuters)

Hezbollah claimed not too long ago that it could not transfer the tents

Despite the diplomatic efforts, on Saturday Mohammad Raad, head of the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc (Hezbollah’s political wing), introduced that Hezbollah wouldn’t be eradicating two tents positioned on the Israeli aspect of the Blue Line, in accordance to Lebanese media.

“As for forcing the resistance to take away what is right for Lebanon, and what it considers to be within its land, neither you nor anyone else is yet able to impose it,” stated Raad. “The time when you used to bomb the [Iraqi] Tammuz nuclear reactor without blinking an eyelid is over.”

Raad warned that if Israel makes an attempt to take away the tents it could lead to a battle, including that Israel doesn’t desire a battle.

Yonah Jeremy Bob contributed to this report.

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