House Hearing Blows Up Over Matt Gaetz ‘Badgering’ Merrick Garland

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) did what Matt Gaetz does greatest on Wednesday, plunging a House Judiciary Committee listening to into chaos by relentlessly steamrolling Attorney General Merrick Garland with questions curated from right-wing media. After mocking Garland for expressing concern about North Korea whereas peppering him with allegations about China, bribes, and President Joe Biden, Gaetz posed a conspiratorial query in regards to the Capitol riots. “So did the FBI lose count of the number of paid informants on Jan. 6?” Gaetz puzzled, just for Garland to try to handle the Republican’s prior claims. “I only get five minutes. You’ve already—sort of, I think—screwed the pooch on China. On Jan. 6, did you lose count of the number of federal assets?” Gaetz shot again, main rating member Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to notice the far-right congressman’s time had expired. Given a remaining likelihood to reply, Garland commented about China, leading to Gaetz once more ridiculing the lawyer common for not answering his Jan. 6 query. Erupting in outrage, the committee’s Democrats fumed that the Trump-boosting lawmaker was “badgering the witness.”

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