As the worst violence in years rages between the Israeli army and Hamas, every night the sky is lit up by a barrage of missiles streaking throughout the sky and the projectiles designed to counter them.

It is a show of fireside and thunder that has been described as each outstanding and horrifying.

The photographs of Israel’s Iron Dome protection system making an attempt to shoot down missiles fired by militants in Gaza have been amongst the most generally shared on-line, even as the toll wrought by the violence solely turns into clear in the mild of the subsequent day’s daybreak.

“The number of Israelis killed and wounded would be far higher if it had not been for the Iron Dome system, which has been a lifesaver as it always is,” Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli army spokesman, stated this week.

The Iron Dome became operational in 2011 and acquired its greatest first check over eight days in November 2014, when Gaza militants fired some 1,500 rockets aimed toward Isreal.

While Israeli officers claimed successful fee of as much as 90 p.c throughout that battle, exterior consultants had been skeptical.

The programs’s interceptors — simply 6 inches vast and 10 toes lengthy — depend on miniature sensors and computerized brains to zero in on short-range rockets. Israel’s bigger interceptors — the Patriot and Arrow programs — can fly longer distances to go after larger threats.

The Iron Dome was recently upgraded, however the particulars of the modifications weren’t made public.

In the present battle, militants in the Gaza Strip have fired almost 3,000 missiles, the Israeli Air Force said on Sunday, noting that about 1,150 of them had been intercepted.

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