‘Isn’t it showing weakness of the West?’ Jacob Rees-Mogg probes Col Daniel Davis

Jacob Rees-Mogg has grilled Colonel Daniel Davis on the attainable consequence of a conflict between Russia and the West, if Ukraine had been to lose their battle.

Colonel Daniel Davis informed GBN America: “As a navy man, I need to win every little thing that I can. But on this specific case, as a navy man, I can simply inform you categorically there is no such thing as a path to a Ukrainian navy victory.

“And to proceed happening that path I feel is definitely antithetical to Western curiosity, to Ukraine curiosity, and to blindly go down that path and say we will preserve attempting anyway, goes to get extra Ukrainians killed.

“I think it’s much wiser to say militarily what is actually possible and what’s not, and then let’s have policies based on the reality.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg then argued: “But isn’t that showing incredible weakness for the West, that we can be defeated by Russia because Ukraine is acting as a proxy for the West, whether we like it or not?”

Davis replied: “Yeah, whether we like it or not, we do not have the capacity to win unless NATO gets physically involved with their armies and we go to war with Russia, which of course would be catastrophic and probably lead to nuclear war, that outcome is already ordained.”


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