Joe Biden is ‘ruining America’, fumes Tatum in blistering rant: ‘Economy going to cr*p!’

Political Commentator Brandon Tatum has hit out at Joe Biden for “ruining America” as well being issues develop for the US President.

The 81-year-old chief sparked fear this week after showing to ‘freeze’ on the annual Juneteenth live performance at The White House.

Biden has additionally joined world leaders in Italy for the annual G7 Summit, the place he claimed the world is at “inflection point”.

He instructed the world leaders: “The decisions I think we make now are going to determine the course of our future for the next five or six decades. And I truly believe the infrastructure we’re building on the investments we’re making through PGI are going to help that set that course in a fundamentally stronger path.”

Brandon Tatum accused Joe Biden of ‘turning America to cr*p’

Reuters / GBNA

Discussing Biden’s efficiency in workplace in his first time period, Tatum instructed GBN America that Biden has “turned the economy to cr*p” and is a “corrupt politician”.

Tatum instructed host Patrick Christys: “Biden has been a corrupt politician for 40 years. They get out each election season to say what they’re going to do for America, however they have been in there endlessly and so they’ve performed nothing.

“Joe Biden is ruining our nation by with open borders – the economic system is going to cr*p. He’s half lifeless all over the place he is going.”

Reflecting on his current appearances on the D-Day commemorations and the Juneteenth live performance at The White House, Tatum mentioned Biden is a “horrible instance” for “falling asleep” at such occasions.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden joined world leaders on the G7 Summit in Italy


Tatum fumed: “He’s a horrible instance of America. He exhibits up on D-Day and falls asleep. There’s wars all all over the world as a result of America is missing the visibility of power and in addition the manifestation of power.”


Detailing the dwindling voter help for Biden forward of the November management election, Tatum claimed that Joe Biden is “shedding the black vote to Donald Trump”, significantly after his behaviour on the Juneteenth occasion this week.

Tatum fumed: “It’s shameful. What they’re doing is they’re pandering Joe Biden in entrance of the black neighborhood. He’s at an occasion of gospel music, which black individuals have fun to no finish, and he is stiff as an ironing board.

“He’s off beat, he’s stiff, he’s not clapping, he’s not singing, he don’t have an idea about any of the songs – they should not have him there.”

When requested by Patrick if Biden’s regarding manner on the occasion is being perceived as “offensive” to the black neighborhood in America, Tatum agreed, and slammed the President’s behaviour.

Brandon Tatum

Brandon Tatum says Joe Biden is ‘pandering to the black neighborhood’ along with his behaviour on the Juneteenth live performance


Tatum instructed GBNA: “It’s completely ridiculous, it is spitting in the face of the black neighborhood. Don’t convey a person to a gospel music occasion when the person would not know the phrases. He cannot even clap on beat. He regarded like he is midway asleep.

“Don’t disrespect the gospel singer, the performer. Don’t disrespect the tradition in the custom with a man who do not know the place he is at.

“If anything, he should have been sitting at home Skyping in or something and waving to the crowd and saying, hey, I wish I could be there, but I have no idea what’s going on at this event and I just look like a clown.”

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