Eventually, Mr Giggs once more left alone and went again to the resort room alone, the court was advised. 

We come onto what occurred that night, in accordance to Mr Giggs’ group: 

Chris Daw QC (CD): “You were with other people, all work-related to Ryan.” 

Kate Greville (KG): “Yes.” 

CD: “And then he then went to hotel room, on his own. You went back to the hotel.”

KG: “Yes.”

CD: “You took your clothes off and tried to get into bed.”

KG: “Yes.”

CD: “Ryan said he didn’t want to be in bed with you on this particular time because of the argument and what had happened earlier.”  

KG: “No.”

CD: “He asked if you would sleep on the sofa.”

KG: “I got into bed. He was silent, he didn’t speak to me.”

CD: “I’m going to suggest to you, he got out of bed, picked up your case. He absolutely didn’t throw it at you.” 

KG: “He threw my bag at me with my laptop.”

CD: “You spent some time time sleeping on the sofa, and eventually got back into bed.”

KG: “After he came to get me, yes.”

CD: “The following morning you had sex.”

KG: “No, we had sex that night.” 

CD: “When woke up the next morning, you were off to Shrewsbury, ‘You said to him, I was so drunk last night, I don’t remember much about the night’.”

KG: “I said that when we were at breakfast, and I put my head to my hand and…said to him, ‘Did you throw my bag at my head?’. And he said to me, ‘Yes, but you wound me up that much you made me do it’.”

CD: “That’s all a lie, isn’t it. You were just telling him in the context of a hangover.”

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