League of Legends dev says “our bad on this one” after insanely strong Aurelion Sol hotfix

Theo Burman

A high League of Legends dev mentioned that the current modifications to Aurelion Sol have been mishandled and that the champion was now in a barely stronger state.

Aurelion Sol has at all times been a bit of an issue baby for Riot to stability. Before his rework, he had one of the bottom play charges within the sport, as a result of a clunky package and inconsistent energy fantasy. After his rework, the star dragon received a bit extra standard, however his newfound mobility and scaling has made him a lot more durable to stability.

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It doesn’t assist that Aurelion Sol is one of crucial champions within the sport’s lore. If he’s not in a great place, what does that say about Runeterra as a complete?

But the newest slate of modifications, which resulted in Aurelion Sol getting an enormous increase to the stacks he will get utilizing his Q, pushed him to this point up he wanted to be hotfixed virtually instantly.

Riot says “our bad” after collection of Aurelion Sol buffs and nerfs

Posting a retrospective on some of the current modifications to League on Twitter, Lead Game Designer Riot Phroxzon mentioned: “Asol – our bad on this one. Clearly we overshot on stability and we personal that (underestimated how a lot the W buff did particularly). Post-nerf, we nonetheless consider Asol is stronger than pre-buff although.

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“The impetus for the changes was honoring the desire of Asol players to be rewarded for proactivity in lane, but we realized post-ship that rewarding this with fragging power from W (rather than stacks that play into his scaling fantasy) was too statchecky and resulted in poor gameplay.”

He additionally mentioned that the devs have been taking a look at bot lane Maokai, who benefitted so much from some of the brand new assist gadgets, in addition to Illaoi and Wukong within the high lane.

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