Lib Dems rewrite football anthem Three Lions as song about rejoining EU at annual party conference

For thousands and thousands of football followers, Frank Skinner and David Baddiel’s 1996 anthem Three Lions is related to fond recollections of following England’s nationwide workforce by means of thick and skinny.

But the ditty has been rewritten by Liberal Democrat activists as a pro-Brussels song with lyrics about rejoining the European Union for his or her annual party conference karaoke night time.

Members and MPs will collect on Monday for his or her notorious Glee Club occasion, which is able to shut out the ultimate night of the gathering in Bournemouth with political parodies of in style songs.

The 32nd version of the Liberator Song Book, priced at £5, consists of Gold Stars (On My Flag) written to the tune of Three Lions.

It begins by referring to a “referendum full of hate”, adopted by a refrain that includes the lyrics: “Gold stars on the flag, four freedoms still gleaming, glory years of peace, kept us all campaigning.”

Verse two of the rewrite begins with the phrases: “So many votes, so many tears, it was all so very near, then we lost, cost so dear.”

In place of the acquainted “it’s coming home” terrace chant, activists will specific hope the UK will rejoin the EU by singing: “We’ll go back in, we’ll go back, we will go back in.”

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