LoL Patch 14.4 patch notes | All buffs, nerfs, and changes in League Patch 14.4

For all of the lovers in the home who forgot to tee up a date for Valentine’s Day, we have now one thing a lot better so that you can look ahead to: League of Legends Patch 14.4, which is already shaping as much as be a giant one.

The fourth replace of the 2024 League season is on the best way, and it’s stuffed to absolutely the brim with changes for each facet of the sport. While none are momentous, Riot is hitting practically every part, with 19 champion changes, no less than 5 merchandise tweaks⁠—in addition to extra complete assist and mage merchandise balancing⁠—and updates to fountain therapeutic and how tethering works.

There are additionally plans brewing, Riot Phroxzon teased on Feb. 12, for changes to how the digital camera offset works for anybody enjoying on the Rift’s purple facet.

Here’s every part about League’s Patch 14.4 replace.

When will League Patch 14.4 go dwell?

League Patch 14.4 will go dwell on Thursday, Feb. 22, in line with Riot’s official patch schedule. Nearly all League patches go dwell on Wednesdays, however this replace has been pushed again a day—most probably because of Presidents’ Day, which is on Monday, Feb. 19. When the patch does arrive (24 hours later, keep in mind), it’ll start staging on Australian servers first up.

Here are all the important thing patching occasions:

  • 3pm CT (NA)
  • 5am GMT (EU West)
  • 3am CET (EU North East)
  • 8am KR (Korea)

Here’s a countdown to the NA League launch.


Expect a number of hours of server downtime as soon as patching begins. Matchmaking shall be disabled throughout all League queues three hours earlier than the replace is about dwell.

What’s in League Patch 14.4?

Riot stamps on Season 14 energy picks

The League devs are attempting to wrangle in a few of the strongest outliers in the Season 14 metagame this replace, together with Urgot and Fiora⁠—who have totally taken over top lane⁠—and AD carry menaces Varus and Kalista. Other high picks additionally coming underneath the hammer embrace Maokai, who has been near-unbeatable in assist, in addition to Bard, Aurelion Sol, and Zyra.

New assist gadgets buffed extra

Riot can be taking a more in-depth take a look at the brand new mixed League assist gadgets in this replace, with changes principally revolving round how early stack costs activate. Phroxzon defined the devs are wanting to “discourage non-support item start for supports” and push them in the direction of the shiny new gadgets as an alternative.

Lunar New Year celebrations proceed with Porcelain skins

Six extra fortunate League champions shall be becoming a member of the ever-popular Porcelain skinline this patch, together with Aurelion Sol, Morgana, Miss Fortune, Darius, Graves, and Irelia, which brings the beauty set as much as eleven.

The standout pores and skin is for Kindred, with the dual-spirit jungler getting a Prestige variant. The design is unimaginable; Lamb now has a flowing white mane and comes geared up with an ornate golden bow. Similarly, Wolf is now trimmed in gold and his eyes have taken on a glowing purple gaze.

Here are all of the skins coming this patch:

  • Porcelain Protector Aurelion Sol (1,820 RP)
  • Porcelain Darius (1,350 RP)
  • Porcelain Graves (1,350 RP)
  • Porcelain Irelia (1,350 RP)
  • Prestige Porcelain Kindred (150 Mythic Essence)
  • Porcelain Miss Fortune (1,350 RP)
  • Porcelain Morgana (1,350 RP)

These skins will go dwell in the course of the Patch 14.4 cycle.

Kindred is decked out in gold, purple, and white in their new Prestige Porcelain pores and skin. Image through Riot Games

The early League notes for the upcoming Feb. 22 replace are included beneath. Remember, till the Riot devs launch the official patch, all buffs, nerfs, and changes are nonetheless very a lot tentative and we may see them pulled at any time.

League Patch 14.4 patch notes



  • Ahri
  • Jayce
  • Kai’Sa
  • Lulu
  • Renekton
  • Soraka
  • Thresh
  • Volibear


  • Aurelion Sol
  • Bard
  • Fiora
  • Kalista
  • Maokai
  • Urgot (Hullbreaker interplay)
  • Varus
  • Zyra


  • Okay’Sante
  • Rek’Sai
  • Smolder


  • Black Cleaver
  • Ravenous Hydra
  • Stridebreaker
  • Terminus
  • Runaan’s Hurricane (“now for melee”)
  • Support gadgets
  • Mana mage gadgets



  • Fountain regeneration
  • Tether changes


  • Camera offset settings (purple facet)



  • Porcelain Protector Aurelion Sol
  • Porcelain Darius
  • Porcelain Graves
  • Porcelain Irelia
  • Prestige Porcelain Kindred
  • Porcelain Miss Fortune
  • Porcelain Morgana

This article is being up to date by the League patch cycle.

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