Newcastle tenant claims flat is ‘unfit for human habitation’ as shaking floor and dust ‘made him ill’

A disabled man has stated that he is ‘terrified’ to return to his Newcastle flat as he fears it’s going to make his poor well being even worse.

Stephen Bennett, 54, has been dwelling in a metropolis centre lodge for the previous 11 months whereas his landlord, Places for People, carried out repairs to his residence close to the Royal Victoria Infirmary. He has now been given a deadline of August 17 to maneuver again into his residence earlier than Places for People cease protecting the invoice for his lodge keep.

However Stephen says that the work which he initially complained about has not been carried out and his flat has been left “like a bomb site” and is lined in dust, which he says will make his power bronchial asthma and COPD worse. And he is calling on Places for People to contemplate the problems he and his neighbours are nonetheless going through, even after months of upheaval and stress.

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Stephen, who says he has beforehand suffered three nervous breakdowns, says his flat is “not fit for human habitation”, and claims the work has affected each his upstairs and downstairs neighbours within the Grade II listed constructing, which was transformed to flats within the 1980s.

Places for People have stated they take their tenants’ considerations about their houses “seriously”.

Stephen stated he first known as Places for People out in 2015 when his kitchen floor appeared to drop and his flat shook violently when he used his washer. He claims {that a} Places for People surveyor informed him that the joists underneath his kitchen floor have been smaller than the must be, which meant that the floor was not secure.

“I was told that the job was too big to be done, but the problems continued,” stated Stephen. “The ceiling shook so badly after I used my washer, and the shaking implies that the entire dust, fibreglass and gypsum underneath the floorboards made me sick.

Stephen Bennett has been dwelling in a metropolis centre flat for almost a yr(Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

“I put up with it till June final yr, after I moved out as it was damaging my well being. I used to be suffocating on the dust that was being thrown up and it induced fixed bronchial asthma assaults.

“The dust was gypsum and fibre glass, both of which can be fatal to asthmatics. I moved back in September, complained again, and that was the point I was moved in to a hotel and I’ve been here ever since,” stated Stephen. “When Places for People investigated, they discovered {that a} supporting beam ought to have been fitted when the home was transformed to flats, and this is the work that they’ve completed.

“So the difficulty with my kitchen floor is nonetheless there and the dust and gypson underneath the floor are nonetheless triggering bronchial asthma assaults. I’ve been again to the flat a couple of occasions because the work was carried out, and it has made me sick.

“When I turned the washer on, the shaking was worse than it had ever been earlier than. All 4 partitions and the home windows have been shaking. It was scary and my neighbours have been badly affected.

“My microwave virtually fell off the bench, all my washing up fell off the sink and my ornaments in the lounge have been spinning. The complete flat is unstable and in my view nonetheless unfit for human habitation. Cracks are showing in his plaster and my upstairs neighbours was knocked off her ft as a result of the vibration is so dangerous.

“We were promised by Places for People that our flats would be deep cleaned when the work was finished, but that has not happened. My downstairs neighbour has watermarks on her ceiling after the repair and is constantly in tears because she has not had a deep clean either.”

Stephen claims that he was informed by Places for People that he may keep within the lodge till the work was undertaken, however he argues that this has not occurred, as a result of the work that has been completed is not the issue that he initially complained about.

Stephen says his residence has been ‘left like a bomb website’(Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

“I feel I have been bullied, harassed and intimidated by Places for People to move back into the flat,” stated Stephen. “They have been conscious that I used to be struggling a psychological breakdown and used that to strive and bully me into shifting right into a over-55s flat in Kenton, shifting me away from my help networks in central Newcastle for no obvious purpose apart from the price of the lodge. This is psychological abuse.

“This has been virtually 14 months of sheer hell. From the skin, the flat is beautiful and I like the realm it is in, however I’m now to the purpose the place they’ve overwhelmed me down as far as I can go. I simply need the work to be accomplished correctly to the joists in his flat or I wish to transfer to a different property in the identical space.”

A Places for People spokesperson stated: “We take all concerns about our customers’ homes seriously and work closely with them to work through their queries and to make sure their homes are safe and secure.”

But Stephen stated: “I really feel they’re placing my life at risk by returning me to my residence at this level as a result of reality they haven’t mounted the foundation trigger. I’m at current making an attempt to get a solicitor who can take this over as a result of I can not probably cope with any extra.

“I understand it they have a duty to repair such structural work and have declined to do so. I really don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I can’t move back to somewhere that is quite evidently unsafe.”

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