Newly Discovered Nintendo Filing Shows Off “Dual-Screen, Detachable Device”

Image: via WIPO / Nintendo

Switch successor rumours have gotten louder in latest months and now some new Nintendo filings have been found.

New concepts and designs from Nintendo, which had been initially filed by the Japanese online game firm on 11th November 2022, have been found on the ‘World Intellectual Property Organization’ web site.

They’ve simply been shared publically earlier this week on 26th October 2023 and whereas it is in all probability finest to mood your expectations, the one submitting that is despatched some Nintendo followers into an instantaneous frenzy is a “dual-screen, detachable device” that sort of resembles a 3DS.

You can see the idea designs above and under, and here is the complete description:

“This electronic apparatus comprises a first device and a second device. The first device and the second device can be detachably attached to each other. The first device has a first surface, and a first display and a first connection unit which are positioned on the first surface. The second device has a second surface, a second display that is positioned on the second surface, a second rear surface that is on the reverse side from the second surface, and a second connection unit that is positioned on the second rear surface. The second connection unit can be connected to the first connection unit in a first orientation or in a second orientation that is the reverse from the first orientation. When in a first connection state in which the second connection part has been connected to the first connection part in the first orientation, the second rear surface is positioned so as to cover the first display. When in a second connection state in which the second connection part has been connected to the first connection part in the second orientation, the second rear surface is positioned so as not to cover the first display.”

Some of the opposite Nintendo filings seem to make reference to a system fan, buttons and the way the display attaches to the machine.

Keep in thoughts that purposes like these ones in addition to patents do not essentially assure some kind of announcement or product sooner or later. Before the Switch launch, one Nintendo patent filing doing the rounds online confirmed a handheld system that includes an oval-shaped design with analog sticks popping out of the display.

Companies, together with Nintendo, typically do that merely to guard their very own ideas and will revisit concepts later down the road.

Nintendo filing
Image: via WIPO / Nintendo

It’s value mentioning a dual-screen machine hasn’t been a speaking level in any latest rumours associated to a supposed Switch successor, both.

In reality, the latest hearsay in September steered a follow-up to the Switch had been proven to pick out builders at this 12 months’s Gamescom. In addition to this had been claims of a Zelda: Breath of the Wild tech demo working at 4K, 60 fps.

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