Overcome your fear of flying with these calming tips

It’s a possibility most individuals take with no consideration: the flexibility to ebook a airplane ticket, board a flight and revel in a trip with out being tormented by a fear of flying.

For journeys of lengthy distances, flying is often the best method to go — however a fear of flying might go away you staying behind whereas others are making recollections.

When touring, the journey is half the battle.


And if you end up stuffed with nervousness throughout a flight, or are passing up on journeys utterly to keep away from having to set foot on a airplane, listed below are tips that may assist provide the confidence to fly to any vacation spot. 

A fear of flying can tremendously impression a trip. Try some sensible tips to achieve a spot of consolation with flying.  (iStock)

  1. Meet the pilot earlier than takeoff
  2. Focus on completely different objects
  3. Bring issues to distract your self whereas in flight
  4. Spend the flight asleep
  5. Be strategic with seat alternative
  6. Learn concerning the plane
  7. Put belief in your journey buddy

1. Meet the pilot earlier than takeoff

Captain Tom Bunn, a retired pilot and licensed therapist, established SOAR, a program aimed toward serving to everybody fly efficiently, in 1982. He’s since assisted hundreds of folks as they conquer their fear. 

Bunn stated there’s a sequence of steps he works on with his purchasers. He encourages them to first attempt to meet the pilot when boarding.

“Giving up control is a major issue, and if you can meet the person that has the control, it’s kind of like then you have a kinship with the person who does have the control,” Bunn stated. “You find out they’re real — not just a voice.”

Airplane cockpit

Sharing a brief alternate with the pilot pre-flight might help you’re feeling higher concerning the expertise, stated one skilled. (iStock)

2. Focus on completely different objects 

Focusing on your respiration with completely different meditation methods is one other method to calm the nerves.

There is a selected train that Bunn encourages purchasers to observe to decrease stress hormones as soon as they construct up. 

“It’s an train I name ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1,’” Bunn stated. “You will first find something to focus on more or less straight ahead and use that as your focus point.”


Count 5 issues you’ll be able to see, hear and contact, stated the captain. Then, depend to 4 issues you’ll be able to see, hear and contact — and so forth down till you get to at least one.

“It takes about two minutes and by the time you do that — the stress hormones are pretty much gone, maybe totally gone,” Bunn stated. 

“And the actual factor about stress hormones is that once they’re kicking round, it forces you to deal with one thing that’s problematic. So when you preserve specializing in it, you enhance stress hormones. But if you will get rid of the stress hormones through the use of the ‘5, 4, 3, 2, 1’ — then your thoughts is free to focus the place you need to.”

A young boy watching a movie on a plane

If you want watching films or TV exhibits to move the time, convey a tool on the airplane that enables you to take action. Some planes have inbuilt TVs within the backs of every chair. Either method, be sure to convey alongside suitable headphones. (Zhang Peng/LightRocket by way of Getty Images)

3. Bring issues to distract your self throughout the flight 

Being distracted might help you neglect that you’re even on a airplane. Bring issues with you on the airplane that you’ll get pleasure from and may spend quite a bit of time utilizing. 

For instance, if there are films or TV exhibits you could have been wanting to look at, obtain them to your telephone or different digital gadget in order that they’re able to go while you’re on the airplane. This can kill quite a bit of time throughout the flight. Just be certain that to pack your self headphones, too!


Books are one other great point to convey on flights, in addition to crosswords and coloring books. 

If you’re touring with another person, you could possibly additionally convey a card recreation to play collectively. 

4. Spend the flight asleep 

Falling asleep on a airplane might be actually troublesome, particularly if you’re feeling anxious, however there are various things you’ll be able to convey to make it simpler to go to sleep. 

First, one factor that makes sleeping on a airplane simpler is you probably have a flight actually early within the morning or late at night time. At these occasions, you’ll each be extra drained and the airplane shall be darker, making it simpler to go to sleep. 

A mother and daughter asleep on a plane

Get some sleep on your flight. Just watch out to not accidently go to sleep on different passengers. (Tim Clayton/Corbis by way of Getty Images)

Also, convey a journey pillow and a blanket with you for further consolation. 

If you could have headphones helpful, you can even play calming sounds on your telephone that can assist you go to sleep. 

5. Be strategic with seat alternative 

Book your flight early, earlier than the seats begin to fill, so you’ll be able to select a seat which will aid you put your thoughts comfy. 

If you sit towards the again of the airplane, that space is often going to be louder, and there’s going to be much more motion with folks passing you to make use of the toilet. 

On the opposite hand, when you sit within the entrance sections, it can usually be much more peaceable and extra quiet.

6. Learn concerning the plane

Taking time to do analysis about planes earlier than getting on one might help you be extra assured for your flight. 

Look into how planes perform and the security options which can be in place. This primary understanding of plane might make a giant distinction for you throughout your travels and aid you really feel safer when you find yourself within the air. 

Three Jet Blue airplanes

Familiarizing your self with planes and the way they work might aid you really feel higher throughout the flight. (Nicolas Economou/NurPhoto by way of Getty Images)

When it involves the stats, there’s a very small probability of a airplane crash taking place. The probabilities of dying in a crash are literally about one in 11 million, based on many sources. 

Another scary issue typically concerned with flying is turbulence. When turbulence happens, relying on its severity, it may generally make for a scary and bumpy trip. 


Understanding what turbulence is can put your thoughts comfy. Turbulence occurs when there may be some type of change within the air motion across the airplane. Most of the time, just a little turbulence is not any large deal and quite common throughout a flight. 

Finding the solutions to questions you could have about planes might help you’re feeling quite a bit higher about flying, as soon as the statistics and have a normal understanding of how issues work. 

7. Put belief in your journey buddy

If you’re touring with another person, lean on that individual for further help. 


Before your journey, let the individual learn about your fears and if there are issues that aid you, share these issues with your journey celebration, in order that they know what to do when you get anxious. 

Also, simply having another person there that you’re snug with can present a calming presence for you. 

Kimber Crandall contributed reporting. 

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