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Secret Tory: Henry Morris unmasks himself as man behind parody account

  • By Steven McIntosh
  • Entertainment reporter

Henry Morris, the man behind the Secret Tory account on Twitter

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Henry Morris, who’s behind the Secret Tory account, is a private coach from Yorkshire

The man behind the Secret Tory account on Twitter has unmasked himself as private coach Henry Morris.

The parody account has constructed up practically 200,000 followers since its launch in 2019, with its nameless author publishing a ebook final 12 months.

Followers have speculated that the particular person behind the account is a high-profile comic or a real-life MP.

But Morris is in reality a private coach and extremely marathon runner from Yorkshire, who now lives in Wales.

Morris places on beginner Shakespeare productions in Wales yearly, is behind the Field Maneuvers [sic] rave in Norfolk and is a campaigner to finish raptor persecution on grouse moors with Chris Packham’s Wild Justice group.

“I inadvertently started parodying Mark Francois at the height of Brexit when I was bored between training clients in my gym,” Morris instructed BBC News.

“It took on a life of its own almost immediately, I remember people in the gym laughing about the account without knowing it was me, and it was very nice to have my hunch confirmed that I could make people laugh.”

The satirical account, which is staunchly anti-Conservative, gained prominence when Brexit was dominating the headlines previous to the UK’s exit from the EU.

It began life named Mark ne Francois pas, a reference to Conservative MP Mark Francois, later altering its title to Michael Govern Ready (alluding to Michael Gove and the oven-ready Brexit deal) earlier than in the end changing into The Secret Tory.

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The satirical Twitter account has constructed up practically 200,000 followers since its launch in 2019

“Other people discover they’re good at things like ballet or darts. Turns out I’m very good at pretending to be a Tory MP,” Morris stated.

“I have loved the wind-up, but I reckon its time to let people know who I really am. And anyway, I’m sure an AI will be able to do all this in a few weeks anyway.”

In 2022, he launched a ebook – The Diary of a Secret Tory MP: (Almost!) True Stories from the Heart of British Politics – which was endorsed by the Times columnist Caitlin Moran and the LBC presenter James O’Brien.

However, regardless of using the time period MP within the ebook’s title and the account’s Twitter biography, Morris just isn’t and by no means has been a member of parliament for any celebration.

“If people are feeling cheated I’m not a real MP, I’d like to say I’m sorry,” Morris stated. “But I’m not. It’s got a lot more to do with the behaviour of the people sitting in Westminster, than my skills as a con artist.”

Over time, the tone of the Twitter account has modified. Morris stated he began “going on the attack rather than just playing the jester”.

“The problem with that was, if people come for you to be funny, and you’re being angry, it doesn’t work,” he stated. “

“People are endlessly telling me they most well-liked it once I was doing jokes about Mark ne-Francois-pas’ mock-Tudor carport and breakfasts of Sugar Puffs made with a can of Monster. I hope I’ve acquired the stability higher now, however who is aware of?”

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