Sonic Origins Plus Update Goes Live On Switch, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Apart from some information for Sonic Frontiers and the upcoming Sonic Superstars this week, Sega has additionally rolled out a model new patch for its retro compilation Sonic Origins Plus.

On the Switch, particularly, the opening animation high quality for the sport has been improved. Along with this, gamers may also stay up for some Game Gear recreation enhancements, audio fixes and a number of game-specific fixes.

Here are the patch notes (via Steam):

Patch Notes:

• New Feature – Players can toggle off Anti-Aliasing to have a “nearest neighbor” pixel rendering in Sonic 1/2/3&Ok/CD and all Game Gear video games within the Options Menu.
• New Feature – Players can toggle Game Gear sound to Mono within the Options Menu. This characteristic addresses the “double audio” Game Gear audio difficulty.
• Game Gear video games will now fill into the offered display area correctly.
• Super Amy may have correct after-images whereas operating.
• Amy’s actions will seem smoother in Sonic 2 Special Stages.
• Metallic Madness Zone 2 merchandise containers location and contents are correctly positioned.
• In Quartz Quadrant Zone 2, Amy will not disappear because the digital camera strikes away in sure circumstances.
• Players can now pause the sport whereas in Doomsday Zone.
• In Boss Rush mode in opposition to Egg Tilter, Knuckles may have correct rolling animations from springs.
• In Flying Battery Zone, spin-dashing into the magnetic presses will not end in immediate collision loss of life.
• The right description for “Jump” is now current within the Chinese localization of the Sonic 3&Ok digital handbook.
• In Competition Mode, Knuckles’ change route motion has been adjusted.
• Additional physics changes have been made in Sandopolis Zone.
• Menu textual content will not shrink after getting into the Museum and returning to the Main Menu.
• Amy will now have the ability to full stage loops whereas utilizing her Rush Attack.
• The recreation will not crash whereas taking part in as Sonic and Tails after accumulating the sixth Chaos Emerald in Sonic 1.
• In Sonic CD, Extras which can be unlocked will now stay unlocked.
• In Sonic CD, Amy will seem within the correct coordinates after time travelling in sure ranges.

In case you missed it at launch, Sonic Origins Plus provides 12 Game Gear titles, makes Amy Rose a playable character and way more. You can be taught extra about this title in our Nintendo Life evaluation:

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