Square Enix has filed a bunch of latest trademarks that positive appear to be they have rather a lot to do with the world of Final Fantasy VII

The trademarks have been filed in Japan for the titles ‘Ever Crisis‘ and ‘The First Soldier‘. In addition, a trademark was additionally filed for the in-universe brand of FF7’s Shinra Electric Power Company. The trademarks have been caught by the oldsters over at Gematsu

These three trademarks being utilized for within the wake of the success of Final Fantasy VII Remake – the winner of RPG Site’s overall best of 2020 award – maybe is not all that shocking. The trademark for the Shinra brand is extra easy; that brand is steadily used on branding and merch, in spite of everything. But the titles particularly increase tantalizing questions – corresponding to what they might truly be for. 

Ever Crisis is a venture identify with apparent connotations. The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII options titles in an alphabetical order. There’s FF7 spin-off film Advent Children, Turks cell sport Before Crisis, PSP prequel Crisis Core and PS2 sequel Dirge of Cerberus. That’s AC, BC, CC, and DC – and now, with Ever Crisis, we now have a trademark for what seems to be a brand new Compilation of Final Fantasy VII title in EC. 

Ever Crisis might, after all, be the subtitle for the second a part of the FF7 Remake. But actually, we expect this removed from a certainty – particularly for the reason that ‘EC’ title makes it look and sound extra like one other entry within the compilation. We now know the remake does relate to the compilation and is even thought of the fifth a part of the compilation, nevertheless, so it is doable. The selection of the phrase ‘Ever’ within the identify is attention-grabbing, and to us instantly brings to thoughts the concept of one thing ever-current or everlasting; it might be a really perfect identify for a multiplayer or service-based mostly sport within the setting of the FF7 universe.

There is yet one more, barely loopy different. The later phases of FF7 Remake reveal its true nature as a narrative that is not only a remake, but reasonably additionally a sequel to FF7. After launch, Director Tetsuya Nomura referred to it because the fifth entry within the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. We know the sport is because of be launched on other platforms beside the PlayStation 4 as soon as a one-12 months exclusivity window expires. Could that launch of the sport be given the subtitle ‘Ever Crisis’, a nod to its true nature, now the key is on the market?

Given it is timing alongside these other clearly FF7 associated trademark filings, The First Soldier is not the generic-sounding identify it appears, after all referring to Shinra’s Elite, genetically enhanced tremendous-human navy group throughout the world of FF7. Based on the overall that means of SOLDIER as described in FF7, the identification of the ‘first’ SOLDIER is fairly apparent: it is Sephiroth. He was the primary to be injected with the cells from Project Jenova. 

However, throughout the lore of FF7 the SOLDIER program is definitely talked about as current in some kind earlier than Sephiroth – for example, the Final Fantasy VII Ultimania mentions SOLDIER forces getting used within the Wutai War, and on other events earlier than the Jenova Project existed. However, these identical books are additionally clear that Sephiroth is the primary Jenova-enhanced SOLDIER in existence. Could this be a sport, anime or other story that tells the origins of Sephiroth? Naturally, solely time will inform – and earlier than then, we now have an as-but unannounced but inevitable subsequent-era and PC model of FF7 Remake to look ahead to first – hopefully in a matter of months.

In the meantime, nevertheless, followers can now feverishly speculate as to what these trademarked names might imply.

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If we have been making a prediction, although, it’d most likely be a brand new, distinctive FF7 compilation title, presumably multiplayer, to launch someday round FF7 Remake 2, and some kind of anime or CG film telling the origin story of Sephiroth… but these are strictly us throwing concepts out. And now you’ll be able to too!

What would you like this duo to be? Let us know within the feedback beneath, and take into account our musings right here a place to begin…

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