Star Citizen, the controversial house sim from developer Cloud Imperium Games, has now raised more than half a billion dollars in funding from backers.

Star Citizen’s exceedingly prolonged growth is well-documented, with the sport nonetheless in alpha over a decade after manufacturing started. And whereas it is attracted some non-public funding in that point, the overwhelming bulk has come by way of crowdfunding, starting with a profitable $2m USD Kickstarter in 2012 and ballooning from there.

As of right now, Star Citizen has amassed $500,075,150 USD in crowdfunding from a complete of 4,096,384 backers, in line with the official Roberts Space Industries website. Its earlier main milestone of $400m USD raised was reached last November, that means it is taken a additional ten months to accrue a further $100m.

Star Citizen – Alpha 3.17.2 Trailer.

While there’s nonetheless no trace of a remaining launch date for Star Citizen a decade on, Cloud Imperium Games has already began discussing plans for multiple sequels to Squadron 42, the sport’s long-awaited and much-delayed standalone single-player story journey.

It’s additionally continued to push out updates for the principle recreation, its most recent release including the likes of derelict wrecks and settlements . However, earlier this yr, Cloud Imperium made the choice to limit the amount of detail it shared on its development roadmap, arguing it was doing so to forestall gamers from getting upset when issues have been delayed.

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