Starfield Patch 1.9.51 Features Some Drastic Lighting Changes

After a quick time in Steam Beta, a big replace for Starfield in 2024 is now live, and one of the crucial vital modifications coming to the replace focuses on bettering the lighting for in-game areas.

Spotted by varied members on ResetEra and Reddit, Starfield’s Update makes some tweaks to lighting. Specifically, the patch notes point out that Bethesda Game Studios has improved lighting at 73 areas. While it doesn’t go into specifics, Starfield gamers on-line have begun posting earlier than and after the replace was put in in a number of areas.

An example of the improved lighting in Starfield. Image credit: <a href=
An instance of the improved lighting in Starfield. Image credit score: DinDisco

Most notably, Reddit person DinDisco posted a gallery of those photographs exhibiting what Starfield appeared like in just a few areas earlier than and after. Pictures of particular areas, such because the Red Mile and mining caves, have drastic variations in lighting. The latter, for instance, exhibits one cave changing the greyish brown coloration scheme with blue minerals in favor of your complete lighting having a cool blue hue inside. According to the patch notes, lighting enhancements had been additionally made on the character creation web page.

In our evaluation of Starfield, which we awarded a 7 out of 10, we mentioned: “Starfield has a lot of forces working against it, but eventually, the allure of its expansive roleplaying quests and respectable combat make its gravitational pull difficult to resist.”

You can take a look at the total patch notes under.

Starfield Update Notes

  • Fixes and Improvements
    • Animation
      • Fixed participant character’s eyes remaining closed as an alternative of blinking in third individual view.
      • Addressed uncommon circumstances the place small animation pops may very well be seen in third individual.
    • Creatures and Enemies
      • Fixed incorrectly invisible creatures on some planets.
      • Fixed a problem that would happen on some enemies inflicting them to face as an alternative of falling to the bottom.
    • Crew and Companions
      • Fixed crew members and companions positioning close to the cockpit after quick touring to the ship.
      • Companions: Fixed a doable control-lock when speaking to a companion with out getting into a dialogue whereas concurrently attempting to exit the ship.
    • General
      • [ADDED TO 1.9.51] Addressed a crash that would happen when altering from Fullscreen to Windowed mode. (PC)
      • Fixed a problem that prevented Windows customers saving if their username featured sure characters (PC).
      • Fixed uncommon save sport corruptions on PC (MSS and Steam).
      • Fixed a problem that would result in a management lock or a crash after loading a quicksave whereas within the concentrating on mode.
      • Fixed participant marker following the digicam on the floor map.
      • Fixed a uncommon subject that would forestall entry to the principle menu on when prompted to “Press any button to Start” (Xbox).
      • Body sort ought to now not reset to default when loading a Starborn save from the principle menu.
      • Fixed flickering on Neon’s Trade Tower elevator panel.
      • Improved the looks of the Ryujin Kiosk materials throughout nighttime.
      • Fixed uncommon subject with how Cydonia’s panel might show the hours with out incident.
      • Added Optimizations to cloud syncing of save video games (MSS/Xbox).
      • Improved how crowds behave when desired goal is reserved.
      • Fixed a problem that would trigger airlock doorways to typically seem floating in sky when arriving at areas.
      • Fixed unintended textual content showing on the shipbuilder’s UI.
      • Fixed sport session not correctly resuming from shutdown in Energy Save mode (Xbox).
      • Various stability enhancements.
    • Graphics
      • Improved widescreen help (32:9, 21:9 and 16:10).
      • Added help for stars displaying solar disk geometry.
      • Shadows can now be seen on planet rings from planet floor.
      • Improved eyes and pores and skin on crowd characters.
      • Improved reflection on water.
      • Improved contact shadows on character pores and skin (Xbox and PC Medium/High/Ultra).
      • Improved contact shadows on character fabric (PC High/Ultra).
      • Improved contact shadows on first individual (PC Ultra).
      • Improved lighting in character technology menu.
      • Reduced the looks of some minor artifacts throughout cutscene digicam transitions.
      • Fixed flickering on various VFX (Sandstorm, corrosive liquid swimming pools, waterfall).
      • Fixed a uncommon subject the place the digicam would lock whereas in handscanner mode each time watching flying fauna (Xbox).
      • Fixed potential management lock when opening a sport menu a second earlier than triggering a dialogue with one other character.
      • Addressed varied shadow popping, flickering and artifact points.
      • Improved the visibility of the solar’s lens flare throughout dawn and sundown.
      • Fixed a uncommon subject the place foam or grime wouldn’t present up.
      • Fixed uncommon flickering VFX that would happen in area (Xbox Series S).
      • Fixed uncommon hair flickering (Xbox Series X/S).
      • Fixed occasional flicker on digiframes and TV screens.
      • Adjusted the looks of bloom when activating the handscanner.
      • Improved the looks of clouds throughout climate transitions.
      • Fixed uncommon circumstances the place alignment of grass and wind might seem disconnected.
      • Reduced bloom depth impact whereas movement blur is lively (PC).
      • Addressed points with concealment impact not all the time making use of when utilizing the handscanner.
      • Fixed seen fringe of the ocean within the distance when seen from a really excessive viewpoint.
      • Fixed uncommon white flickering dots round characters’ hair throughout minimize scenes.
      • Fixed a readability subject within the Starmap when utilizing giant menu font mode.
      • Fixed stock menu sometimes failing to generate previews when utilizing a mouse (PC).
      • Fixed a quick Depth of Field subject that typically occurred when aiming, alt-tabbing or leaving a dialogue display screen.
      • Fixed occasional lighting transition points after loading or exiting a location.
      • Fixed a problem that would trigger intermittent bands to look in distance fog.
      • Fixed a uncommon subject that would trigger fog coloration to look inconsistent.
      • Fixed a uncommon subject that would trigger rocks to vanish close to the participant on the floor of a planet.
      • Fixed a crash that would happen when switching to DLSS with dynamic decision lively (PC).
      • Fixed flickering and delayed shadows typically occurring after unpausing the sport.
      • Fixed varied FSR2 and DLSS artifacts (noise, black dots, ghosting).
      • Fixed flickering when utilizing the handscanner with DLSS enabled.
      • Fixed preliminary lighting circumstances when touchdown on a planet.
      • Improved lighting at 73 areas.
      • Fixed varied geometry, texture, and ghosting points.
    • Outposts
      • Fixed a uncommon lacking terrain subject that would happen after quick touring to an outpost close to New Atlantis.
      • Fixed a problem that would trigger bulldozed objects to reappear when returning to an outpost.
      • Fixed a problem that prompted hazard injury to stay even when the hazard was eliminated by bulldozing in outposts.
      • Fixed a problem the place outpost’s cargo hyperlinks could be faraway from the terminal listing if related, disconnected, then reconnected to a different cargo link through the cargo ship touchdown sequence.
      • Fixed a problem the place weapon circumstances constructed by the participant in an Outpost would populate with weapons and ammo after reloading the sport.
    • Powers
      • Fixed a uncommon subject that would trigger the Phased Time energy to stay enabled.
      • Fixed the acute velocity that would happen in zero G when utilizing the Phased Time energy.
      • Solar Flare Power now accounts for crucial hits.
    • Quests and Random Encounters
      • Absolute Power: Fixed lacking slate within the protected stopping from finishing the elective goal “Locate Evidence to Extort Ayumi Komiko”.
      • Background Checks: Fixed doable control-lock that would happen if caught by safety.
      • Derelict Ship: Fixed a problem stopping the participant from reaching the pilot seat if they didn’t have entry to superior locks.
      • Drinks on the House: Fixed uncommon incidence the place the door to Sub 12 might stay locked.
      • Echoes of the Past: Fixed Delgado getting caught at backside of stairs throughout “Continue Exploring the Lock” that would happen if The Lock was left throughout Delgado’s historical past dialogue.
      • Echoes of the Past: Resolved a problem that would trigger Mathis’ and Delgado’s weapons to be invisible.
      • Eye of the Storm: Fixed a problem that would trigger information switch to not begin after inserting the Data Core.
      • Eye of the Storm: Fixed a problem the place the docking immediate could be lacking on the Legacy ship if the participant undocked with the Legacy after which reloaded a save earlier than having began the mission.
      • Executive Level: Fixed a problem the place gamers might get caught on a chair within the Ryujin Industries HQ convention room.
      • Failure to Communicate: Fixed a problem that prevented the participant from ending the hunt in the event that they downed all of the members of the protection pact (Alban Lopez, Jacquelyn Lemaire, and Chanda Banda).
      • Further Into the Unknown: Fixed a uncommon crash that would happen when attempting to dock with The Eye.
      • Groundpounder: Fixed a problem the place the door to Lezama might typically be locked if the participant left the placement through the quest and got here again later.
      • Hostile Intelligence: Fixed blocked doorways within the Steam Tunnels room the place the Terrormorph transformation happens.
      • Into the Unknown: Fixed a uncommon subject that would forestall the hunt from beginning after finishing The Old Neighborhood.
      • Into the Unknown: Fixed a uncommon subject the place a Temple location won’t populate when receiving the “Go to” goal.
      • Legacy’s End: Fixed a problem that would forestall interacting with Delgado when he was behind the glass inside within the command middle of The Key.
      • Legacy’s End: Fixed a particles pile the place to participant might develop into caught whereas attempting to achieve the Mess Hall.
      • Missed Beyond Measure: Fixed a dialogue between Sarah and Walter not taking part in at The Lodge.
      • No Sudden Moves: Fixed companions not following participant throughout private quests.
      • On The Run: Fixed varied points associated to Mei Devine turning into inaccessible the target up to date to “Listen to Mei Devine’s Introduction”.
      • On The Run: Fixed a doable management lock when sitting on the desk to speak to Jade MacMillan.
      • One Small Step: Fixed a uncommon subject that would forestall Lin / Heller from exiting the airlock.
      • Operation Starseed: Fixed a foul view that would happen if the Beagle was boarded after a protracted idle.
      • Power From Beyond: Fixed a problem that prompted lacking Starborn temples and scanner disturbances that would forestall acquiring all Starborn powers from that universe.
      • Rough Landings: Resolved a problem that would happen through the “Meet up with Milena Axelrod” goal that would forestall ships from showing on the desired location.
      • Shadows in Neon: Fixed a problem that would happen when repeatedly utilizing the door to Jaylen Pryce’s workplace earlier than he progressed to Neon Core.
      • Supra et Ultra: Fixed a management lock that would happen when getting into the Flight Simulator whereas a guard is making an attempt arrest.
      • Tapping the Grid: Fixed inaccessible junction bins that would happen after the Hunter assaults the Lodge.
      • The Best There Is: Fixed a problem that would forestall goal from advancing when speaking to Naeva and Jasmine within the engineering room.
      • The Empty Nest: Fixed and subject that would trigger Sam Coe’s gun to be invisible when inside Jacob’s home.
      • The Heart of Mars: Fixed one other location that would probably forestall recovering The Heart of Mars.
      • The Pale Lady: Fixed uncommon case of inaccessible ship crew log information slate making it not possible to finish the encounter.
      • Top of the L.I.S.T.: Phil Hill ought to now settle for survey information for Sumati.
      • War Relics: Resolved a problem that would forestall Kaiser from transferring to the mission website.
      • Where Hope is Built: Fixed a crash that would happen with a particular set of participant behaviors.
    • Ships and Ship Customization
      • Fixed one other case that would trigger an asteroid to observe a ship in area.
      • Fixed ship hatch being marked inaccessible after swapping to a brand new dwelling ship.
      • Fixed a problem the place the ship might find yourself in an unintended state by concurrently making an attempt quick journey throughout a grav bounce.
      • Fixed a view subject that would happen when quick touring throughout ship concentrating on mode.
      • Fixed a problem that would happen when getting into Ship Targeting mode instantly after choosing a Grav Jump.
      • Fixed a problem that prompted non-functional ladders to look when the participant modified their ship with a Taiyo All-In-One Berth Top A and a Deimos 1×1.
      • Fixed a problem the place the Legendary ship might take too lengthy to renew firing after the weapons had been repaired.
      • Space fight ought to now match floor fight problem improve with successive journeys by means of the Unity.
      • Fixed a problem the place loading an exit save made whereas docked to an area station might trigger names of ships to vary.
      • Fixed marker not pointing to the present dwelling ship after performing a save/load between completely different ships.
      • Fixed in subject that would trigger the Frontier to incorrectly seem if a non-home ship was faraway from a touchdown pad.
    • Skils
      • REJUVENATION: Rejuvenation ability VFX now not replay each time the handscanner is opened in third individual.
      • SURVEYING: Fixed surveying problem progress subject with mineral useful resource.
      • TARGETING CONTROL SYSTEMS: Fixed inconsistencies with degree 3 and 4.
    • Weapons and Items
      • Fixed incorrect reload quantities that would happen when consuming a Trauma Pack.
      • Fixed FOV and zoom points with weapon scopes.
      • Fixed weapon sound results sometimes persevering with to play after killing an enemy.
      • Fixed turret state not being restored correctly after and save and cargo.
      • Fixed a problem that would trigger the helmet gentle to not reappear in third individual after a save and cargo.

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