The catastrophic blunders that could sink Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu

Six days after her daughter vanished when terrorists attacked a music competition, Galit Georgy’s desperation erupted into incredulity. “They took so many hostages, they had time to go to Gaza and come back and get more,” she shouted, her eyes red-rimmed from sleepless nights.

“I can’t understand this. How can we continue to live in this country if we don’t have security? How is this possible?”

Shir Georgy, 20, was confirmed useless yesterday, hours after her mom, hoping that her baby had been kidnapped slightly than killed, had joined different relations of the lacking to name for his or her return.

Georgy had hidden in a caravan earlier than making an attempt to flee with mates

They weren’t simply addressing the captors: like Israelis in every single place they had been additionally demanding solutions from the federal government, and the state, that failed them.

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