Watch 25 Minutes of Final Fantasy 16 PS5 Gameplay in Glorious 4K


13 was okay.

Had a very enjoyable battle system and fairly spectacular visuals for its period (sadly I performed it on the gimped Xbox 360 model with horribly encoded FMVs, however the true time graphics shined) together with a fantastic soundtrack. Blinded by Light is my second favourite FF battle theme ever after FFIV’s boss struggle theme.

But it had a ton of points. The predominant plot was some nonsense, even by Final Fantasy’s requirements. The characters have been fairly uninteresting or in the case of Snow utterly unbearable. The linearity of the primary 2/3rds of the sport was a bit overkill; FF video games are normally fairly linear experiences which is nice however FFXIII took it manner too far. It did get higher in the post-game although.

I’d say the plot and the characters have been the worst half of the expertise for me. I used to be mega hyped for the sport however as soon as I completed it I walked away fairly upset. Except for the music and battle system, each of which have been stellar.

So I’ve all the time ranked it as okay. It’s not the dumpster hearth that the web all the time tried to make it out to be, however it’s additionally on the weaker facet of your complete FF franchise.

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