You brought ridicule to your office, MPs scold Gachagua over KQ flight

DP Rigathi Gachagua. [DPCS]

The variations between President William Ruto and his Deputy Rigathi Gachagua performed out on the ground of the House as legislators from throughout the political divide waded into the general public disunity displayed by the duo.

It started after Nyando MP Jared Okelo sought a press release from the Leader of Majority Kimani Ichung’wah on whether or not all was nicely inside the ruling Kenya Kwanza Alliance.  

“We have lately seen discordant voices especially emanating from the Presidency, the Cabinet Secretaries and others along that chain. Whereas I would be least concerned about what happens within Kenya Kwanza, when this matter has the potential to create disunity within our country, I am very much concerned,” mentioned Okelo.  

He additionally referenced Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s selection to take a business flight to Mombasa on Wednesday the place the DP was hauling his personal bag to the Kenya Airways plane, a lot to the dismay of Kenyans.  

“This House appropriates and budgets for travels of the Deputy President and at no given time do we envisage that he takes a commercial flight. But if he does so it is incumbent upon this House to reduce his budget,” said Okelo.

Adding: “Whereas this government is barely two years in office, we have listened to quite disdainful statements from the office of the DP. I urge that the majority leader sheds more light over this issue as they touch on Kenyans as consumers of government services.”

Ruaraka MP TJ Kajwang, nevertheless, sought to halt the controversy on Gachagua and faulted the Speaker for permitting the controversy of individuals not earlier than the Plenary and not using a substantive movement.

“Mr Speaker, I have heard names being named here. You are the biggest advocate for protection that persons must not be named here without a substantive motion…There is nothing that stops them (UDA) from dragging the DP here and impeaching him,” he mentioned.

 “Why should we divert the business of this House and enter into some politics? We know the politics you are playing. We do not want to turn this place into a political arena. We know that this matter has been choreographed,” he added.

Minority Chief Whip Junet Mohammed, nevertheless, held the view that the House was justified in looking for an evidence for Gachagua’s  “antics” on the Jomo Kenyatta Airport (JKIA) on Tuesday, arguing that it brought disdain to the workplace.

“What puzzled me was the kind of bag he was carrying; the bag was not for the caliber of a Deputy President. The other thing that struck me in the episode was what was the content of the bag given that his security detail was not allowed to hold it,” mentioned Junet.

The ODM-allied legislator emphasised that the DP ought to be held accountable for his actions and dared him to resign as an alternative of bringing the establishment into disrepute.

 “You cannot demean the office you are holding and hope to attract respect and dignity. If you want to politic that’s fine but not to the extent of demeaning the office of the Deputy President,” he added.

Junet additional urged Gachagua to handle his grievances “through the right government channels” as an alternative of taking part in out episodes which have degraded the workplace of the Deputy President.

Security element

Mombasa Woman Rep Zamzam Mohammed struck a reconciliatory tone and referred to as on President Ruto and his Deputy to type out their variations. She additionally protested what she termed as an absence of safety element by Gachagua through the Tuesday flight.

 “We have a problem in our nation and the President and Deputy President should have a sit-down for these issues to come to an end…What we saw from the Deputy President yesterday where he had no security was unfortunate,” Zamzam mentioned.

Manyatta MP John Mukunji joined Okelo in asking that the Leader of Majority Kimani Ichung’wah share the main points on the contentious transfer.

 “I was worried when I saw the DP carrying his own bag, if I was there, I would have towed it for him. I feel like this is an issue that the Majority Leader should tell this house why that was the case,” he said.

Speaker Moses Wetangula consequently directed that Ichung’wah will get to the underside of whether or not Gachagua’s workplace was furnished with an ample finances and what had knowledgeable the state of affairs at JKIA.

“The Majority Leader should assure this House that the office of the Deputy President is provided with resources to ensure that Gachagua discharges his duties and responsibilities in a manner that brings honour and responsibility to the office,” Wetangula mentioned.

And in a fast rejoinder, Ichungwa confirmed that the DP’s workplace alongside different high-level state places of work have been adequately facilitated  “Gachagua’s office has enough budget for air transportation both fixed airwing, the helicopters or even to travel by the sea or even to travel by SGR or Coast Bus,” mentioned the MP.

Ichung’wah, Kikuyu MP, additional famous that there was “nothing unusual” with Gachagua utilizing a business airline observing that his boss, President Ruto, had usually completed the identical.

He, nevertheless, castigated the Gachagua’s “need for show” and accused him of attempting to collect sympathy votes from the general public. Further, he dispelled the notion that Gachagua was with out his safety element, stating that the DP was accompanied by 14 officers who embrace Recce safety officers and his press service element.

“Its not unusual for the DP to travel by our national carriage, Kenya Airways, I have witnessed our President when he was a Deputy use Kenya Airways, infact last week he used it when he travelled to South Korea, he just didn’t post it,” submitted Ichungwa.

At the identical time, Ichung’wah moved to set the report straight on the incident the place Gachagua was denied entry to a army plane.

He brought to the fore that solely the President and the First Lady Rachel Ruto are entitled to use army plane with the Deputy President entitled to a police plane.

“The police aircraft for the Deputy President is still under maintenance and soon the Defence CS will have finalised on the maintenance. It is operated by Kenya Airforce pilots so that we can assure the DP’s safety,” he defined.

The MP additional referred to as on Gachagua to embrace austerity measures and embrace a discount in journey expenditure.

 “The Deputy President was very safe and the President said that state officials should embrace austerity measures as the presidency had cut their budget. I want to urge the President and Prime Cabinet Secretary to bear in mind we are in a tough situation,” he mentioned.

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