• A Newsmax host requested Zelenskyy if Russia’s invasion might have been prevented with Trump as president.
  • Zelenskyy stated it was not essential which celebration was in energy within the US.
  • He apologized to host Rob Schmitt for “saying something that you don’t like.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy shut down a Newsmax interviewer who prompted him to say that there can be no struggle in Ukraine if former President Donald Trump had been nonetheless US president.

Zelenskyy was interviewed by Newsmax anchor Rob Schmitt in Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, on Tuesday about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Schmitt requested Zelenskyy: “Do you assume that completely different American management, do you assume that completely different Western management, might have prevented this aggression?

“There are many Americans that imagine that if any person like Donald Trump was nonetheless within the White House that this invasion wouldn’t have occurred. What is your place?”

Zelenskyy responded by saying that he was grateful for the assistance given by present US President Joe Biden, and that crucial factor for Ukraine is help from the American public, no matter which celebration is in energy. 

He stated: “Well I believe what’s the most important is the assistance from the people of the United States. They are paying the taxes, and the money being allocated to support Ukraine comes from the taxes, and it’s all of that humanitarian, financial, military support to Ukraine. So I am grateful to the current president of the United States as well as to those in the political parties that support us.”

“I am sorry if I’ll be saying something that you don’t like but for us as the country in war, it doesn’t matter whether its Democrats or Republicans. It’s the people of the United States that support us,” he stated.

Zelenskyy later added: “I don’t know what would happen if the president, if Donald Trump would be the president of the United States for this situation, so I cannot predict what would happen.”

Zelenskyy stated that it was essential that US establishments just like the Senate and Congress work the identical no matter who’s in energy, to maintain “the values of the United States.”

Newsmax is a right-wing outlet identified for its help of Trump.

Trump has beforehand claimed that him being in energy would have prevented Russia from invading.

He stated in a statement on February 24, the day Russia invaded: “If I were in Office, this deadly Ukraine situation would never have happened!”

Trump and Zelenskyy have a big political backstory, and the query of US help led to Trump’s first impeachment.

Congress impeached Trump over a 2019 telephone name with Zelenskyy when he urged the Ukrainian president to investigate Biden, his political rival, and his son, Hunter Biden, seemingly in change for army support.

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